Yoga/Pilates Fusion with Tara Vasquez

Yoga Pilates Fusion is a unique, upbeat class that blends the benefits of yoga and pilates poses and sequences. 

This is one of Tara’s favourite formats to teach!

Pilates improves muscle and joint flexibility, increases muscle strength and tone specifically for the core muscles, while balancing strength on both sides of the body. 

Yoga offers the additional benefits of improved balance, reduced back pain, better breathing, mental calmness, & stress reduction. 

Materials List

You will need to bring a yoga mat and towel. You can also bring a block (if you would like the option).

Tutor: Tara Vasquez-Moore

I have been teaching pilates for over 16 years including pre/post natal pilates, yoga, & nutrition. Having five children of my own I have gained much personal experience & understanding throughout pregnancy & thereafter. I truly understand the benefits both physically & mentally that pilates brings during this amazing phase of life! My passion is sharing this with as many moms as possible providing a safe, warm, & fun environment to build strength & awareness both mind & body!