Relaxation and Sound Healing

If you are looking for a way for stress reduction and relaxation this is the class for you. 

Sound healing uses vibrations to enter a state of deep relaxation so the body can naturally return to its optimal state of health and wellbeing.  Sources of the vibration include the human voice and instruments such as Gongs, Crystal bowls, Tibetan Singing bowls, Drums and Koshi chimes. 

Sound Healing has many benefits. It may bring about a state of clarity, balance and relaxation to the mind, body and soul. 

Sound healing may help improve memory, concentration, sleep, creativity and create heightened awareness; both of the self and the environment.  It may also be beneficial for symptoms of anxiety disorders, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder, dementia, and learning and behavioural difficulties, it may help to lower and balance mood swings.

Sound healing may help with the immune system, regulate blood pressure and cholesterol levels and assist with pain management. 

Make sure you are hydrated when attending Sound Healing Sessions.

This is a 45 minute class.

*During COVID: Students studying on-site at NSCC will be expected to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of the room & anything used during this time. Please understand we are putting in strict protocols across the board to ensure the safety of our entire community.

Materials List

You will need a mat or towel, and may like to use a pillow, blanket and eye pillow.

Tutor: Heather Crowe

Passionate yogini, soul connector and spiritual explorer who is enjoying the discovery of the authentic self. She has been practicing yoga for 30 years and teaching for more than 13 years. She loves the journey to a deep awareness and connection to all beings. Heather is honoured and grateful for the opportunities to impart the teachings of yoga and yoga philosophy with the community to enhance health and wellbeing for all, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually while providing the opportunity and possibility to connect with universal energies. Heather has committed to training in many styles of yoga over the years. Her qualifications including Yoga Foundation 2003, Diploma in Hatha yoga 2006, Yoga Therapeutics 2006, Synchro Destiny with Deepak Chopra 2006, Kundalini Yoga Level 1 certified as taught by Yogi Bhajan 2008, Yoga teaches conference Koshas-unfolding the self 2008, Ki yoga certificate of recognition 2008, Diploma in Satyananda Yoga Training Level 2 2012, Seduction of spirit and 7 spiritual Laws with Deepak Chopra 2012. She has a thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology of the human body with qualifications in BPHED, Diploma in Exercise Science and Fitness Management, and a Master Personal Trainer. She enjoys learning, connecting and awakening awareness of the subtle energies and raising the vibration. Live in the love vibration. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.