Open Day Kangatraining with Carrie

Dig in and have a go at our NSCC Adult Classes Open Day! 

Welcome to the NSCC Sampler box - a collection of 45 minute classes.

Have you been thinking about trying one of our Kangatraining classes? 

Meet our Kangatraining tutor, Carrie Wood, and have a dance with your bub!

Kangatraining is a dance based babywearing workout that is perfect for mothers (anyone with a baby) to socialise, exercise without the need fora babysitter and enjoy all the health benefits without going to the gym. 

**Limited places available - open to students who have not taken a Kangatraining class with us before.


  • Carrie is also trained to check for DRAM (diastis rectus abdominal muscle).  This is recommended but optional, as every exercise is DRAM safe and with social distancing you may prefer to skip this check. 
  • Each participant must contact the Centre to fill out the pre-exercise health questionnaire, even if only attending one casual class, Carrie must have these returned before the start of class allowing time to adjust the class to suit anyone with concerns.  
  • Please also let us know in advance which carrier you have, if any, so Carrie can make sure it is suitable, and if not, that she has enough available for hire. 

**During COVID: on-site students are asked to assist their tutor in a post-class clean down of the room & equipment used. At NSCC we are working together to ensure the safety of our entire community.

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Kangatraining Wednesday

Materials List

Please bring: Baby carrier unless hire carrier has been arranged prior. A scarf for breath work/tummy binding Please contact the Centre in advance to confirm that your baby carrier is suitable for Kangatraining. Suitable baby carriers are available for hire for a fee of $2 per class, only for casuals. Kangatraining-appropriate baby carriers can be purchased from Carrie at a discounted rate. Brands include ergobaby, tula, boba, manduca.

Tutor: Carrie Wood

My name is Carrie, from Scotland originally and Sydney has been home for almost 10 years now. I’m a mum of two and Kangatrainer. I first heard about Kangatraining when I was pregnant with my first and was surprised to learn it was founded in Vienna. Id never heard of it but then id never been to a baby expo or been looking for post natal exercise classes. I was very keen to join a class but there wasn’t any close to me. After my first girl was born and I felt ready to get back into training I joined a gym with an on site creche. This didn’t suit me for so many reasons. I’d have mum guilt for leaving her or she would be unsettled and I’d have to take her out or I’d be checking on her several times in the hour. I didn’t ever get much of a workout and when I did I worried that the exercises weren’t right for my postnatal body. Being trained in pre and post natal pilates I had some insight into the changes that needed to be made for a safe workout and this is what led me to train as a Kangatrainer specialising in babywearing fitness. My newest business partner was born in February 2020 and together we are ready to share this awesome program with you. She mostly sleeps in her carrier while I lead you through a fun workout with your baby.