Open Day Zumba Gold with Nancy

Dig in and have a go at our NSCC Adult Classes Open Day! 

Welcome to the NSCC Sampler box - a collection of 45 minute classes.

Have you been thinking about trying one of our Zumba Gold classes? 

Meet our Zumba tutor, Nancy Morales, and have a dance!

Zumba Gold is a low impact class perfect for active older adults, people with injuries or anyone who wants to dance, feel happy and get healthy.

**Limited places available - open to students who have not taken a Zumba class with us before.

**During COVID: on-site students are asked to assist their tutor in a post-class clean down of the room & equipment used. At NSCC we are working together to ensure the safety of our entire community.

Other courses by this tutor: 

Zumba (Thursday evenings)

Zumba Gold (Tuesday lunchtime)

Materials List

* Bring a bottle of water and towel.  * Make sure you're wearing proper enclosed shoes or snickers and comfortable clothing to dance.

Tutor: Nancy Morales

Nancy was born in the beautiful country of Guatemala in Central America, music is an essential part of her culture and she enjoys dancing and teaching with it. Nancy loves to dance salsa, merengue, cumbia, reggaeton, and many more rhythms.  She became an instructor not long after her arrival to Australia, this combined with her latin roots and with her beautiful personality makes a perfect match for Zumba. She loves the impact that her classes have on a person and enjoys seeing her students with smiles on their faces as they dance along.  "Thank you for everything! No other Zumba instructor has energy like yours! EXPLOSIVE!" - Vanessa Kelly