Nurturing Self Compassion

Self-compassion involves acting in the same way towards yourself as you would to others when you are having a difficult time, fail, or notice something you don’t like about yourself.

In this 5-week course, students will learn about the theory research underlying self-compassion and engage with a range of practices that will support enhancing their own capacity for self-compassion. Practices include formal meditations and informal practices that can be used throughout the day. Students are expected to engage with home practice to help assimilation of the practices.

As a result of participating in the course, students will have learned

-        How to motivate themselves with encouragement rather than criticism

-        How to handle difficult emotions with greater ease

-        Mindfulness and self-compassion practices for everyday life

-        The theory and research behind mindful self-compassion

-        How to become your own best teacher

Week 1. Discovering Self-Compassion

Introduction to the course – how to approach mindful self-compassion + guiding principles

What is Self-compassion:

  • the difference between self-compassion and self esteem
  • the physiology of self-compassion and self-criticism

Soothing touch informal practice

Self-compassion break informal practice

Week 2. Practising Mindfulness

Affectionate Breathing meditation

Review of home practice

What is mindfulness?

  • the physiology of the wandering mind
  • letting go of resistance

How do we cause ourselves unnecessary suffering?

Backdraft – how and why unpleasant feelins can arise when we practice self-compassion

Meditation in daily life informal practice

Self-compassion in daily life informal practice

Mindfulness and Self-compassion

 Week 3. Practising Loving Kindness

Affectionate breathing meditation

Review of home practice

Revisit Self-Compassion break practice

Loving Kindness and compassion

Loving Kindness for a loved one exercise

Finding Loving kindness phrases exercise 

Week 4. Discovering Your Compassionate Voice

Loving Kindness for Ourselves meditation

Review of home practice

Awakening our hearts exercise

Self-criticism and safety discussion

Motivating ourselves with compassion exercise

Week 5. Living Deeply

Giving and Receiving Compassion Meditation

Review of home practice

Living deeply exposition

Finding your core values exercise

Review of the course – what would I like t oremember?

Tips for Maintaining Practice


Materials List

optional PURCHASE: ‘the mindful-self-compassion workbook’ $25 (cash to tutor) meditation cushion/shawl if desired

Tutor: Ann Manning

As a teenager Ann was fascinated to understand what makes people tick, particularly in the emotional realm. Ann studied psychology at university then worked with children and community groups, using drama as a tool for self-discovery.  SHe taught for a time in the Drama Department at the University of Newcastle.  In 1981, Ann was introduced to meditation. The experiences engendered in her a sense of wholeness in her being, and the philosophy underlying the practice also landed deeply for her. Since then, the study and practice of meditation have been pivotal for Ann’s life. ​ After becoming a mother, Ann learned about homeopathy. It appealed to her because, in classical homeopathy, the emotional and mental state of the patient is often pivotal in making a prescription. Ann studied homeopathy and graduated with an Adv Dip Hom in 2002. Besides practising as a homeopath, Ann teaches an introductory ‘Homeopathy at Home’ and has lectured to degree students at Endeavour College of Natural Health.   In 2018, Ann learned about the Mindful Self-Compassion course – it made her heart sing- Ann completed teacher training that year. SHe has adapted the 8-week, 3-hour course into two shorter, more accessible formats.