4 week - Mindfulness & Meditation

Meditation is a practice where one concentrates the mind on a particular object in order to focus and quiet the mind. 

Meditation may be used to reduce stress, anxiety, depression, and pain. Meditation can also provide clarity when faced with tough decisions and with regular practice has the capacity to alter and enhance our outlook on life, including how we respond to certain situations.

Mindfulness can be defined as the intentional cultivation of non judgmental, moment to moment awareness. Originally laid out by the Buddha some 2,500 years ago, mindfulness practices have now become prevalent in mainstream society today and are more accessible than ever. Mindfulness practices can be adopted by anyone (not only buddhists) seeking to alleviate stress and enhance their experience in the moment. Upon completion of this course, students will have gained an introductory understanding of mindfulness and meditation. Students will also take away valuable mindfulness practices that can reduce stress and improve overall health and well-being.

*As an extra cleaning measure we ask students to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of surfaces and equipment they have used during this time. Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of our entire community.

Materials List

Please bring your own yoga mat (you can also choose to sit in a chair instead of on the floor) and a pen and paper. If you don’t have a yoga mat one will be provided.

Tutor: Rosemary Palmer

After a busy management career in financial services, Rosemary chose to focus on wellness and yoga in the community, through yoga, breathing techniques and mindfulness. She completed various courses at the Neuroscience Academy with neuroscientist Sarah Mackay, which complemented her previous studies in Neuro Linguistic Programming. During the Covid lockdown and not running her usual regular yoga classes, she supplemented her studies with more online courses on mindfulness, wellbeing, and physiology. To maintain her yoga students’ wellbeing, she commenced free of charge, weekly mindfulness sessions combined with some simple yoga movement and breathing. These sessions were very popular and helped her students to remain focused and socially connected. Each session had a theme, to assist everyone to sleep better, understand the functions of the brain and develop gratitude and kindness. As a result, the students came through the extended lockdown with greater resilience. Visit her website mindfulness-movement.com.au for more information and you can read her blogs on a variety of subjects.