Drumming Meditation

This class is limited to 12 enrolments.

Experience meditation, mindfulness and the flow state to the heartbeat rhythms of the drum.

A fusion of African & shamanic drumming. Learn to play basic rhythms on African drums (djembes) and experience shamanic drum journeys with shamanic (frame) drums. Practice mindfulness, or rather mind-emptiness as you learn simple rhythms on a drum and enter the gateway into the timeless, flow space. Learn how to use the drum as a bridge from your monkey mind to the spaciousness within. Go deep with guided mediation and drum journey. Let the rhythm engulf you, forget about everything & be present in this beautiful moment. Learn how to connect to this stillness & drum it into your life. This class involves an active drumming participatory component followed by surrendering into and receiving a healing, relaxing sound bath.

BYO drum or hire one for $10 (please email tutor prior to arrange sal@medicinewomandrumming.com.au) Please also bring a yoga mat, small pillow and eye mask. If it’s cold a blanket and warm stuff (ie. socks & beanie/hoody layers to keep warm whilst experiencing lying down meditation).

Tutor: Sal Salem

Hi there, I’m Sal & I’ve had the pleasure of teaching & performing African Drumming (Djembe) since 2007. I played the djembe as a hobby for some years and followed an exciting evolution from attending classes (just like this one!) to performing live, teaching and facilitating classes. I’ve taught at various community colleges and schools throughout Sydney, run Women’s sacred drumming circles and am part of a performance troupe which performs at both community & private events. I enjoy teaching African drumming immensely as it is such a unique modality which transcends age, race, sex, religion and preconceived notions of musicality and ability. It brings people from all walks of life together regardless of whether they have ever touched a musical instrument before, to create music - in the moment - to be - in the moment and to enjoy these moments in the spirit of sacred shared community space which is important right now more then we have ever known. “United we conquer, divided we fall.” - Aesop