Dementia and Brain Health - Free Community Talk

What would you do if you can do something now to maintain your independence, have the ability to make important life decisions and have the quality of life that you want, as you age?

We seek independence, purposeful and meaningful life, along with the ability to contribute in the later years of life to our family and the community. Therefore, it is important to optimise our health and wellbeing. A happy and healthy brain is one of the biggest contributing factors to healthy ageing.

Practising brain healthy lifestyle can potentially help to reduce the risk of developing dementia.

Find out more about brain health to age well, and reduce the risk of developing dementia in this community talk. Attendees will learn the 8 key elements that support healthy brain function, along with practical, simple and easy takeaways that can be implement immediately.

This free talk is open to everyone in the community.

Tutor: Shannon Chin

After leaving a successful corporate career of 20 years, Shannon founded Fit Minds Australia in 2018. She published her first book “Demystifying Dementia” in 2019. She’s also an international speaker. Having worked in the Aged Care industry and losing her grandma to dementia, she has become an advocate for brain health and dementia. Her hope is to contribute towards a dementia-friendly nation starting from creating awareness and understanding, to supporting people to live well with dementia. Being an advocate for brain health, Shannon specializes in helping people build healthy brain function using Mental Stimulation Therapy to protect against brain function decline. She emphasizes on the importance of exercising and keeping the brain healthy, sharp and active because it means being able to continue to have the capacity to make decisions even at an advanced age, as well as continuing to live and age well. Shannon has spoken about brain health on different radio programs across Australia. She was featured in Balance by Deborah Hutton and The Carousel magazines, Starts at 60, Australian Seniors News, The Seniors and Thrive50Plus. She’s also a contributing writer for an international women magazine.