Raising Awareness of Gambling Harm - Free Community Talk

This presentation is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about gambling related harms.

A person does not have to be diagnosed as a having a 'gambling addiction' to have serious impacts in their own life, that of people around them, and their community. Gambling related problems can occur in association with other addictions, and mental and physical health problems, and can remain hidden for a long time and can lead to involvement with community service organisations.  

There has been a shift in gambling behaviour and gambling products due to technology and changing consumer preferences. Online wagering (both sport and racing) is growing exponentially.  Internet and mobile technologies have been key drivers of growth, enabling the expansion of wagering services across borders, while providing easy access, convenience, and anonymity.    

By the end of the session participants will:

·       Identified early warning signs of gambling becoming a problem

·       Identified sources of help for someone with a gambling problem 

·       Had an opportunity to discuss the issues raised 

·       Have increased awareness about how gambling impacts individuals, families and communities

·       Have explored the lived experience of someone who has had a gambling problem and is in recovery 

·       Have reflected on the impacts that this experience has had on the person’s family and friends


This session is co-facilitated by a local State Government funded Gambling Counsellor and a trained GIS Lived Experience speaker who will share their insights and experiences of gambling harms and the journey of recovery. Free support is available from GambleAware 1800 858 858 or visit gambleaware.nsw.gov.au