Italian Beginners Evening

Whatever your motivation to learn another language is, be it for upcoming travel, to sharpen your cognitive skills, to improve your memory, to increase your understanding of your own culture...or just to have fun, begin your journey here. From the exhilaration of understanding a new concept to the frustration of not being able to grasp a particular rule, within small classes tutors take time to explain concepts and make learning a language fun.

No class on Monday 12th June due to public holiday.


Gianna Di Genua

Having had several years of teaching experience, mainly in teaching Italian to students ranging from 3 to 83, Gianna prides herself as having great teaching flexibility utilising entertaining ways of learning and speaking.

Gemma Perry

Dedicated to the field of mantra meditation research, and how it’s positive outcomes can impact society, Gemma scientifically investigates the effects of chanting mantras on affective and cognitive processes. She completed her Honours in Psychology in 2015 and she is continuing to study the effects of mantra meditation. She has presented her research at International Science Conferences and Yoga Festivals and has also run yoga workshops in the U.S and Australia. Gemma is a qualified yoga teacher, currently teaching in Sydney, who has been practicing and studying yoga psychology and philosophy for over 10 years. She has explored various meditation techniques throughout the world and believes chanting mantras is particularly suited to the Western lifestyle and can be used as a tool to heal and discover our full human potential. Gemma has dedicated much of her studies both formally and informally to exploring this ancient method of heightening states of awareness and promoting health and wellbeing. She regularly visits her teacher in India, eager to continue deepening her own practice and exploring ways to share the benefits of this ancient practice with the modern world making the practices easily accessible to everyone!

Alessandra Guida

Italian born Alessandra Guida has taught Italian to students for many years. She has worked in several Italian Universities. During the years 2014 and 2015, she prepared several University students of Economy and Law faculties in order to help them to overcome the exams of public law, private law, trade law, political economy. In addition, she taught Italian to immigrants at public shelters. She is now based in Sydney and completing her Law Degree at Macquarie University. Alessandra loves the Italian language and is eager to share with others her native tongue. “I always try to give my best with passion and dedication to achieving the best results.”