French Beginners

Whatever your motivation to learn another language is, be it for upcoming travel, to sharpen your cognitive skills, to improve your memory, to learn more about the French culture or just to have fun - begin your journey here! Experience the exhilaration of understanding a new concept and grasping a particular rule. In a small class, tutors take time to explain concepts, provide the opportunity to practice French in conversation and make learning a language fun.

LEVEL 1: Focus on the practical use of a language in everyday situations; basic conversation, greetings, useful vocabulary and some cultural immersion. Verbs, conjugation, elementary discourse and grammar are included.

As part of our dedication to delivering comprehensive language programs, we endeavour to find the right level of class to meet individual student needs. Please note class levels are subject to change depending on enrolment numbers and student abilities within each class. For repeat students, please ask your teacher for advice when re-enrolling about a suitable class for your level. For new students, please contact us to discuss further your level of experience. We look forward to finding the right class for you!

Tutor: Forouzan Samiee

I hold a Bachelor of French Language and Masters in French Language and Literature from the University of Alzahra and Azad University in Tehra, Iran. I have been awarded a number of certificates for French Teaching and I have undergone various training courses over the years. I have more than fifteen years of experience (2001 – 2014) in teaching the French language, across various tertiary and secondary institutions in Australia and Iran such as the University of Sydney and the University of Tehran, as well as other Language Institutes in Iran. I have taught Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced levels in both large and small groups. I have also provided private one-on-one tutoring. I teach using a number of resources including textbooks, audio resources, and other educational tools. I have received four scholarships (in 1993, 2003 and 2010), both student and professional scholarships for French Teaching. All scholarships were awarded by the French Embassy in Iran. In my own time, I have created and continue to manage the Facebook Group MEEFSVP which brings together nearly 200 members from around the world. The group is a forum for discussions about French culture and facilitates conversations amongst French-speakers. The group also serves as a tool to assist my students to improve their classroom learning and become more engaged in the course.