Le club de lecture: La femme au carnet rouge d’Antoine Laurain

La femme au carnet rouge – Antoine Laurain

Un matin à Paris, alors qu’il ouvre sa librairie, Laurent Letellier découvre dans la rue un sac à main abandonné. Désireux de retrouver la propriétaire du sac, Laurent s’improvise détective…

• Le livre version papier (environ $18): https://www.bookdepository.com/La-femme-au-carnet-rouge/9782290104637 ou Abbeys bookshop in York Street, Sydney (environ $20) : https://www.abbeys.com.au/book/femme-au-carnet-rouge.do 

Tutor: Dominique Partridge

I am a French native with many years of experience in teaching French. My in-depth knowledge of both English and French languages allows me to provide high quality tuition. Over the years, I have enjoyed tutoring hundreds of students at all levels, from total beginners to advanced levels. In order to make learning stimulating and fun, I use varied and up to date teaching methods. My lessons are interactive and relaxed. In order to help learners to achieve their goals, my coaching is adapted to their needs in a constructive and structured approach. French culture is also part of my coaching. I am always excited to see my students progressing, and find my job very rewarding.