Open Day Spanish with Mariló

Dig in and have a go at our NSCC Adult Classes Open Day! 

Welcome to the NSCC Sampler box - a collection of 45 minute classes.

Have you been thinking about trying one of our Spanish classes? 

Meet our Spanish tutor, Mariló, and learn a few words, or practice your conversation skills, and find out more about our Spanish classes!

**Limited places available - open to students who have not taken a Spanish class with us before.

**During COVID: on-site students are asked to assist their tutor in a post-class clean down of the room & equipment used. At NSCC we are working together to ensure the safety of our entire community.

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Tutor: Mariló Corral

Mariló Corral was born in Madrid (Spain) and started teaching Spanish in the UK back in the 90’s through adult education courses. Here in Australia she has taught Spanish to adults and children through an agency as well as tutoring privately. Mariló has been teaching at North Sydney Community Centre since 2011.