Korean Language for Beginners

Korean Beginners Course : 

This course is designed for Korean beginners to provide essential Korean linguistic and cultural knowledge such as Korean Hanguel letters, basic conversational Korean and numbers.

Students will learn to maintain basic Korean conversations such as greetings, self-introduction, manners, food, hobbies and sports, to count number 1-30 and to understand the Korean culture. 

Tutor: Hoseon Han

Hoseon is an experienced language teacher, teaching Japanese and Korean languages in high schools since 2014. Born and raised in Korea, Hoseon completed a combined bachelor's degree in Secondary Education, majoring in Japanese and advanced Korean languages at UNSW. Hoseon has been enjoying teaching in high schools and, after moving to the area recently, looks forward to having fun teaching with the neighbouring North Sydney community. “So please join me sharing the fun of language studies!”