French Advanced Conversation

Class capacity: 6-12 students

All participants who enrol must be fully (double) vaccinated by the class start date to be able to join classes on site (as per NSCC COVID policy): 

NO refunds or transfers for anyone who enrols and is not fully vaccinated by the class start date. 

Conversation: This class is designed for students of an Advanced Level, with minimum 3 years of French language study... 

Suitable for students who wish to engage in active conversation and gain a deeper understanding of the French language and culture.

You will be able to engage in lively discussions and debates on a variety of topics such as the Environment, Social issues, Nutrition, Personal experiences etc in a relaxed, fun and supportive atmosphere.

We will also study a region of France each term with a focus on the local culture and gastronomy.

Some grammatical points will be covered when needed.

*Please note class levels are subject to change depending on enrolment numbers and student abilities within each class. Students moving to a new level may need to change the day of their attendance. For repeat students, please ask your teacher for advice when re-enrolling about a suitable class for your level. For new students, please contact us to discuss further your level of experience. We look forward to finding the right class for you! 

*As an extra cleaning measure we ask students to assist their tutor in a post-course clean down of surfaces and equipment they have used during this time. Thank you for helping us ensure the safety of our entire community.You can find more about our COVID safety procedures at

Materials List

Recommended but not essential: Grammaire Progressive du français  - Niveau Débutant by Maia Grégoire - Cle International *Note: All classes are for ages 18+ only, unless otherwise specified

Tutor: Thouraya Lahmadi

Thouraya Lahmadi joined the Department of Education as a teacher of the French language in her home country Tunisia in 2000 after completing her academic study at the University of Literature and Human Science in the City of Susse. She taught French as a foreign language in high schools for more than fifteen years and  throughout this career relocated to different cities to share her passion of the French language with both school and mature-age students. To improve their language skills, Thouraya enjoys exploring, and holding discussions with her students, around social and cultural topics pertinent to Francophone cultures.