Bread Making

Sourdough- The Fundamentals of sourdough bread baking at home

Bread has been called the staff of life, but like many other food products on the market today, bread is not what it once was, nor what it still has the potential to be. Sourdough bread can be made with two simple ingredients (plus the proper techniques) and will improve the flavour, nutrition, and digestibility of your bread. Learn to bake your own sourdough bread. In each class Marcea will take you through the whole process, turning handfuls of flour and water into a sour dough starter. Then you will create your own warm, crusty sour dough bread, pancakes, pizzas and/or muffins to take home. The magic of organic flour, water, salt and fermentation, activated by your hands can only be experienced.

Only when wheat gluten is properly fermented as in sour dough is it healthy for us to eat.  When not, it is potentially one of the most highly allergenic foods we eat. The phytic acid in grain needs to be 90% neutralized in order for the minerals to be absorbed by the human body. .During the making of sourdough, complex carbohydrates are broken down into more digestible simple sugars, and protein is broken down into amino acids.


Marcea Klein

Nutritional Speaker, Food Coach, Chef, Counsellor and Author of 7 books, Marcea featured as a journalist in Nature and Health magazine for over 20 years and for the Sydney Morning Herald and Wellbeing magazine. She has appeared on the ABC and SBS cooking and lifestyle shows and currently lectures at Nature Care College and the Academy of Healing Nutrition in Oriental Nutrition. She has a private practice in Sydney and the Blue Mts. Marcea has been a long time pioneer for the attainment of wellness through the use of organic wholefoods and sustainable living. She founded the “Noodle Nook” in Berkley Ca. where good food is healthful as well as delicious. Her cooking style draws from cuisine around the world with a wholefood culinary twist. Her expansive, creative and sumptuous style of “Nourishing Cuisine” is both sensual and healing.