The processes of fermentation - Cure

Curing the Japanese Way  - explore the use of the Japanese culture, shio koji, to cure beans, vegetables, fish and meat.      A demonstration class to explore and better understand where fermented foods fit in a wholefood life and how they support our overall wellbeing. Today will be for familiarising yourself with the Japanese ferment koji (a beneficial fungi used in the making of miso, sake, soy sauces, rice vinegar and mirin). Experience using shio koji to quickly and simply cure vegetables, fish and meat and make delicious dressings. Koji transforms proteins, softening and sweetening them and rendering them to delicious nutritiousness. Take home notes and recipes to get you started at home. Well suited to the omnivorous and the gluten intolerant.

Article in Sprout Magazine - The queen of ferment

We are extremely lucky to have Holly Davis as a regular stall holder at the Northside Produce Market with her fabulous fermented products! See the markets page on our website for more details.

Tutor: Holly Davis

Holly Davis, inspired wholefood chef, author and educator, co-founded Sydney’s Iku Wholefoods in 1985. She has been intentionally fermenting food and drinks to deliciousness for over four decades. Image : Ben Dearley