Kitchen Basics : Puff Pastry

Buttery and flaky, puff pastry is the most revered – and feared – of the pastries. In this hands-on class, you will be guided, step by buttery step, through the recipe and we guarantee, you will prevail. It may be a skill that you won’t employ often, but as a cook, it’s worth making puff pastry at least once in your life.

Tutor: Barbara Sweeney

Barbara Sweeney learned to cook from books and draws on that knowledge, as well as the farm visits she gets to experience in her job as food writer for Country Style, to present cooking classes that combine information and stories about the ingredients that are used in the class, and their maker, as well as smart, funny and odd cooking hacks gleaned from cookbooks past and present. Barbara has worked alongside some of the world’s leading chefs (yes, including Mr Ottolenghi) when she was co-ordinator of the Sydney Morning Herald World Chef Showcase (yes, more hacks). She regularly interviews chefs and cookbook authors and organises the annual food writers’ festival Food & Words. In her spare time, she pops up as a Talking Cookbook at farmers’ markets and food events: it’s a project that gets people sharing cooking ideas and hacks and encourages non-cooks to learn to cook. Not only because it makes sense and is good for you, but because it’s fun.