Lunchbox Legends

Have you ever been on your child’s school excursion or visited a playground at lunchtime and been disheartened by the amount of packaging and preservative laden food in childrens’ lunchboxes? In 2016, The University of Adelaide published findings that most Australian children obtained nearly half of their daily energy intake from discretionary foods (convenience foods that are heavily processed in a factory before they get to your kids), which people would know as junk foods — often high in fats, salt and sugar. This workshop arms you with an array of quick and easy recipes and industry tips, to reduce your reliance on convenient foods and snacks to fill your family’s lunchboxes.Learn some go-to recipes for making your own savoury flatbreads, empanadas and your own make again muffin mix to name a few. Discover some common sense tips to clear out all throw-away packaging from your lunchboxes. Streamline your lunchbox recipes so that you always have something healthy, nutritious and unpackaged to grab at any time.

Materials List

Containers to take home food made in the class. Notepad and paper if desired. Apron and tea-towel.

Tutor: Rachel Potter

Rachel is a trained chef and teaches waste-free kitchen skills at Cornersmith Picklery and cooking classes at numerous locations in Sydney. She is passionate about keeping food free from artificial preservatives and additives and living as waste-free as possible using permaculture principles. Rachel has been involved in the media as a chef and a produce gardener. Rachel is also a beekeeper, harvests her own honey and grows fruit, vegetables and nuts on her property in suburban Killara for herself, her young family and friends. She is enthusiastic about sharing her self-sufficiency skills and creating community.