Bagel Making with Brooklyn Boy Bagels

Tired of eating sub-par bagels? Why not learn how to make the real deal yourself? “Dough Raiser and Brooklynite” Michael Shafran and head baker Adrien Chrunyk of Brooklyn Boy Bagels teach you how to make real NY style bagels by hand. Take home with you warm, delicious bagels as well as lunching on bagels with cream cheese and babka!

We are thrilled that Brooklyn Boy Bagels are one of our much loved regular stall holders at the Northside Produce Market. See more details on the Markets page of our website.

'The bagel class was great, I really enjoyed it and the instructors were very knowledgeable, fun and helpful. They came around alot to help people and give advice.

Tutor: Michael Shafran

VOGUE – "THE BEST BAGELS IN AUSTRALIA" "FAVOURITE BAGEL" – SYDNEY FOOD BLOGGERS CHOICE AWARDS "BEST BAGEL" – BEST OF SYDNEY AWARDS Brooklyn Boy Bagels is Sydney's first true artisan New York bagel maker and bakery. Launched by Brooklyn-born food journalist Michael Shafran, we produce bagels using the time-worn traditional methods that have made NYC the bagel capital of the world. From kettle-boiling to hand-rolling, long cold fermentation and top-quality produce, we put our hearts and souls into our bagels. We don't cut corners, so Australians can enjoy bagels the way they are meant to be: chewy, malty and with the necessary depth of flavour. We are from the borough of Steve Buscemi, Mos Def, Mel Brooks, Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z, the Brooklyn Nets, Larry David, Jimmy Fallon and the less-annoying cast members of Girls. We taste like Brooklyn, because we are Brooklyn, and from the same Polish-Jewish roots whose artisans first transported bagel-making culture to the New World.