It’s the weekend and you and your friends have dumplings on your mind -- it's only natural. The one type of food that seems to be universally popular is the stuffed pocket, or dumpling. It’s a comfort food that can be made with the simplest ingredients. Every culture has its own style and flavour. Join me to explore different cultural dumplings, flavours, shapes and cooking styles to take home and try with family and friends. Stuffed with your favourite sweet or savoury fillings, it's impossible to stop at just a few of these salty and moreish parcels. Whether they are steamed, boiled, baked, pan fried or deep fried. Dumplings are universal – think wontons, ravioli, kreplach, pierogi, gnocchi, Jamaican patties, gyoza, knishes, empanadas and samosas. In this hands on workshop, master steamed Korean kimchi dumplings, kofta potato dumplings, and tempeh with green vegetable steamed Gyoza.We will explore Momo’s popular in Tibet and Nepal, Mandu Korean kimchi dumplings, Chinese rice paper dumplings, Polish Pierogi and more.

Tutor: Marcea Klein

Nutritional Speaker, Food Coach, Chef, Counsellor and Author of 7 books, Marcea featured as a journalist in Nature and Health magazine for over 20 years and for the Sydney Morning Herald and Wellbeing magazine. She has appeared on the ABC and SBS cooking and lifestyle shows and currently lectures at Nature Care College and the Academy of Healing Nutrition in Oriental Nutrition. She has a private practice in Sydney and the Blue Mts. Marcea has been a long time pioneer for the attainment of wellness through the use of organic wholefoods and sustainable living. She founded the “Noodle Nook” in Berkley Ca. where good food is healthful as well as delicious. Her cooking style draws from cuisine around the world with a wholefood culinary twist. Her expansive, creative and sumptuous style of “Nourishing Cuisine” is both sensual and healing.