Indian Curry

Join me in this hands on session to learn the simple art of real home-cooked Indian food. 

Using a colourful range of fresh, humble vegetables and some pantry ingredients, learn the techniques to create and enjoy a delicious traditional Indian thali.

Tutor: Anup Arora

Originally from Northern India, Anup grew up in the Middle East retuning to India to complete his higher secondary education and commence a traineeship in food. He honed his skills as a chef at The Taj Group in India and at various Hyatt hotels in Australia. He’s lived and worked in several parts of India including Delhi, Mumbai & Goa gaining a strong understanding and appreciation of the vast variations in regional Indian food. In Australia, Anup worked with chefs specialising in French, Mediterranean and Italian cuisines. This world view is reflected in Anup’s food today where cooking techniques, flavour profiles and ingredients are used to create contemporary, flavourful & vibrant dishes. He took time off to undertake an MBA and subsequently spent a number of years in the finance industry. However, there was always an intent to return to food and did so by starting his own food business in 2012. Rather than opening another restaurant he wanted to give people a means to expand their culinary repertoire without having to labour for hours-on-end or use pre-made products that are highly processed, loaded with sugars and un-natural. Hence the creation of SpiceVine - FRESH hand-crafted products (Stir-fry-pastes, Marinades & Simmer Sauces) that are locally made using over 90% Australian ingredients, easy to use and highly versatile without compromising on quality, nutrition and freshness. SpiceVine is a culmination of Anup’s journey as a chef whereby he has applied his understanding of the nuances in the use of fresh herbs and spices across various cuisines and how subtle variations in proportion & combination can deliver incredibly rich, diverse and harmonious flavour to everyday foods.