Artisan Bread Baking - Working With Pre-ferments

Flour, Water, Salt & Yeast is all you need! If you already have some experience with baking your own bread, let’s take the technique to the next level with the use of preferments. Whether it’s a sourdough starter, poolish or biga, it’s all about flavour development.

In this mix of demonstration class and hands on workshop, we revisit how to mix and knead your own bread for optimal flavour development, learn about resting, knocking back and proofing as well as shaping and baking and the differences and similarities of artisan and sourdough bread. We also learn about and work with preferments – sourdough starter, poolish and biga in order to develop maximum flavour. You’ll also get to eat some freshly baked bread, along with cheese, cold meats, jams and tea for lunch. Find out the secret to making your home-baked bread look and taste as good, if not better, than a loaf from the bakery, and you might never want to buy bread again not once you find out how satisfying and delicious (and cheap!) it is to bake your own!  Take home a loaf you made yourself to bake it later in the day.

Materials List

You will need to bring: An apron and a bowl 20-30cm diameter, with a carry bag to take the raw bread home. (it needs to be a bowl - not a container).

Tutor: Brigit Marx

German born pastry chef Brigit takes pride in her authentic homemade pastries, cakes, bread and waffles and combines her love and passion for baking with premium ingredients. It was a logical next step to develop from her beginnings, baking for family and friends, to leaving the corporate world of marketing behind, training at TAFE and opening her own business in the Eastern Suburbs, which she calls home since 2004. Sugarplum Bakery has grown in popularity since its start in 2010, and in 2019, Brigit was awarded a gold and bronze medal for two of her artisan breads at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.