The Vegan at your Table

Are you wondering what the vegans at your table need to be well nourished?

If so this class will inform and delight you. Learn what you need to know, what is in season now, how to stock your pantry and how to make a versatile selection of delicious recipes, everyone can enjoy. Including …Mineral rich mushroom broth, fermented nut butter spreads, lunch box snacks to sustain, nutrient dense, dressings and sauces, tempeh curry filling for pocket pies, uses for seaweeds and how to make these the most desirable options, sweet wholesome desserts.

Article in Sprout Magazine - The queen of ferment

We are extremely lucky to have Holly Davis as a regular stallholder at the Northside Produce Market with her fabulous fermented products! See the market page on our website for more details.

Tutor: Holly Davis

Holly Davis, inspired wholefood chef, author and educator, co-founded Sydney’s Iku Wholefoods in 1985. She has been intentionally fermenting food and drinks to deliciousness for over four decades. Photo: Samantha Mackie