Cook once, eat twice!

Clever wholefood cooking, to prepare food you can utilise in different ways, more than once and to suit all those you feed. All the principles for eating a nourishing wholefood diet will be taught and there will be resources, including a variety of recipes, to assist you in being a healthy wholefoody every day. For instance with a simple pot of beans and grains cooked at a point in the week to suit you, you may then make… a soup, salad, main, snack or desert by adding other seasonal ingredients and a variety of cooking styles.

Article in Sprout Magazine - The queen of ferment

We are extremely lucky to have Holly Davis as a regular stall holder at the Northside Produce Market with her fabulous fermented products! See the markets page on our website for more details.

Tutor: Holly Davis

Holly Davis, inspired wholefood chef, author and educator, co-founded Sydney’s Iku Wholefoods in 1985. She has been intentionally fermenting food and drinks to deliciousness for over four decades. Image : Ben Dearley