Artisan Bread Baking - Basics ONLINE

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In this mix of demonstration class and hands on workshop, you’ll see how easy it is to mix and knead your own bread for optimal flavour development, learn about resting, knocking back and proofing as well as shaping and baking, and differences and similarities between artisan and sourdough bread.

This live online workshop offers:

  • Live class with the chance to ask questions
  • Real time technique demonstration and comparison of student bread to teacher’s bread
  • Individual feedback for students
  • Discussion of timetables, baking schedules, recipes, seasons and room temperature

  • Class provides an UNDERSTANDING of how to bake bread, not just a DEMONSTRATION that one can follow. When just following the demonstration, the results can vary a lot, e.g. because of different room temperature in summer / winter. When students understand the process, they can produce an excellent bread, no matter when and with what ingredients or flavours.

Workshop Timing: 

10am – 12:30pm: mixing, folding, resting

12:30 – 1pm: questions

1pm -2pm: shaping

Teacher, Brigit Marx, recently won gold and bronze medals for two of her artisan breads at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.

Find out the secret to making your home-baked bread look and taste as good, if not better, than a sourdough loaf from the bakery, and you might never want to buy bread again not once you find out how satisfying and delicious (and cheap!) it is to bake your own! 

**This class will be delivered online in Term 2, using the Zoom video platform. To take part, you will need to download and install Zoom from the internet, and set up a free ‘basic’ account. NSCC uses platforms that we trust, but we encourage you to be aware of computer safety and protect your personal information when using the internet.


All available at the supermarket or try:

Northside Produce Market

  • 500g kg white “bakers” flour (Coles and Woolworths, usually 5 kg bag, Wallaby or Delifrance) Plain flour is fine too, if bakers flour can’t be found
  • 500g wholemeal flour (regular white wings or supermarket home brand is fine)
  • NO self-raising flour or bread mix
  • Instant dry yeast (either 7g sachets or large container with 280g or similar)
  • Good quality salt (fine or flakes, no rock salt, no cooking salt)

Tools required

  • 1 large bowl, 30-35cm diameter
  • Digital scales
  • Digital probe thermometer
  • Dough scraper (optional)
  • 2 medium bowls, 20-25 diameter
  • 2 chux cloths or tea towels

Here’s a little snippet from Artisan Bread Baking ONLINE last term!

Tutor: Brigit Marx

German born pastry chef Brigit takes pride in her authentic homemade pastries, cakes, bread and waffles and combines her love and passion for baking with premium ingredients. It was a logical next step to develop from her beginnings, baking for family and friends, to leaving the corporate world of marketing behind, training at TAFE and opening her own business in the Eastern Suburbs, which she calls home since 2004. Sugarplum Bakery has grown in popularity since its start in 2010, and in 2019, Brigit was awarded a gold and bronze medal for two of her artisan breads at the Sydney Royal Fine Food Show.