Expresso Yourself : CupArt Exhibition Opening

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1. Delivery of artwork: 20 March - 29 March 2017 

2. Exhibition opening: 31 March 2017 Time: 7:00-9:00pm

3. Exhibition Days: 1 April 2017 Time: 8:00am-3:00pm 

4. Collection of unsold works: 15 April 2017

Transform recycled coffee cups into artistic masterpieces! Paint it, crush it, glue it, suspend it - wherever your creativity takes you. Be a part of this innovative art exhibition where all cup artworks will be on display and for sale raising funds for charity. Contributors include professional artists and public figures. 

North Sydney Community Centre (NSCC) is raising awareness and much needed funds for ‘Taronga Zoo’s Little Penguins’ with an innovative art exhibition of recycled and reused coffee cups.

Everyone is invited to transform recycled paper coffee cups into artistic masterpieces! Paint it, crush it, glue it or even suspend it! The canvas is not the only means to produce an artwork.

Held for one day only and an opening night, Expresso Yourself CupART brings together an eclectic mix of local and national artists, public figures and community for a single cause to help bring attention to the problems facing our local Penguins.

Major threats to Little Penguin populations include loss of and disturbance of suitable habitat, attacks from foxes and dogs, overfishing of their food source, and pollution from oil and rubbish including coffee cups that are tossed away and put in landfill, even worse causing harm to our native local wildlife.

Penguins return to the same location for nesting every year, and many of these sites have been overrun by housing and other infrastructure and the land/vegetation has been changed, making the nesting site no longer viable for penguins. Regardless of rubbish and disturbances to the area, penguins still return to their original nesting site. This makes the penguins highly vulnerable.

Pollution in our oceans is also a major cause of death and injury of Little Penguins. Penguins often ingest or get caught in rubbish, which they mistake for food.

An estimated 1 billion disposable coffee cups are used in Australia each year, over 58 billion paper cups are thrown away (not recycled) every year in the world. 20 million trees are cut down in the process of manufacturing paper cups. Amount of water used in the process is approximately 12 billion gallons.

This year at the pop up exhibition, visitors will enjoy seeing how a humble paper coffee cup has been transformed into an extraordinary work of art.

Make an art work make a difference join Artists + celebrities who are contributing including:

• Costa Georgiadis a Sydney-sider, landscape architect and host of Gardening Australia. Costa is all about sustainability and conservation.

• Anwen Keeling from Mosman is represented in the collections of the National Australia Bank and the Australian National University; her work is defined by feminine beauty and playing with light on form. A local from an early age Keeling has seen many changes in the area and understands the importance of natural environment to our wildlife.

• Salvatore Zofrea from Seaforth, has work at the National Gallery of Australia, the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney; Parliament House, Canberra; several regional and tertiary collections and internationally by the MOMA in New York and the Vatican in Rome.

You can use any size recycled coffee cup, combine cups or even add coffee pods into the mix!

More information coming soon. Contact Mark Rowden on to be put on the exhibition list

Coffee Cups in Landfills
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