House of Welcome Food Drive

We are collecting between June 1 - June 30

Last year the community collected over 1000 bags of household shopping for refugees supported by House of Welcome. This June we are asking for your help again as we try and match last year’s incredible collection. Held throughout the entire month of June, simply bring your bag of shopping to the Centre and we will arrange for it to get to the House of Welcome.

POPULAR FOOD ITEMS: ∞ Rice (Basmati, Jasmine or Long Grain) ∞ Cooking Oil ∞ Long Life Milk ∞ Canned Fish (Tuna, Salmon or Sardines) ∞ Healthy Juices ∞ Salt, Pepper & Cooking Spices ∞ Sugar ∞ Flour ∞ Canned Tomatoes/Chick Peas/Red Kidney beans/ Four-bean mix ∞ Tea & Coffee ∞ Cereal ∞ Jams & Honey Food needs to be within 3 months of expiry date. Please no tinned spaghetti or baked beans)


∞ Nappies - Juniors & Walkers ∞ Toothpaste/Toothbrushes ∞ Laundry detergent ∞ Shampoo ∞ Soaps ∞ Cleaning Products & Cloths ∞ Deodorant ∞ Sanitary Pads ∞ Razors & Shaving Cream ∞ Toilet Paper ∞ Facial moisturiser ∞ Body moisturiser ∞ Nail polish and nail polish remover