In Conversation: Truth Be Told [Event Postponed]


Come along to an evening of conversation with speakers from the House of Welcome’s Truth be Told program. Listen to stories of displacement, survival, resilience and hope. Pre-talk canapes are prepared by asylum seeker and refugee chefs from India, Afghanistan and Iran. All profits raised go to refugee support. We also launch our annual Food Drive for the House of Welcome – bring a bag of shopping to kick start our Food Drive!

Seeking asylum in Australia is complex, often punitive and unnecessarily bureaucratic. For many people who visit House of Welcome, the process of applying for protection can take many years. The uncertainty of their status in Australia can be stressful, isolating and disempowering.

From this position of personal limbo and against the current political backdrop, it is rare for people seeking asylum to feel safe and secure enough to show the community who they really are. Often, people guard their stories, families and own hearts against the possibility of revealing too much for fear of visa rejection or delay. In the absence of their authentic voices, misleading information and mistruths have filled the void. The loudest voices are charged with fear and mistrust, they scaremonger in the community and isolate people seeking asylum in an attempt to divide and other. The language they use often portrays our clients as a homogenous group with one common story and as an unknown element in our society.

Truth be Told is changing the conversation, replacing the current one-way dialogue and amplifying the voices of those seeking protection.

Visit the House of Welcome website here: Truth Be Told