Pasta Making for Teens

Learn to make two pasta doughs - an egg and a non egg dough. Learn to form the doughsinto a past shape keeping it simple and classic! An egg dough and a non egg dough. Each dough will be used to make a pasta shape which will pair with its own home made classic sauce.

Basil pesto (freshly made) with an eggless dough. Pasta shape will be an orecchiette or gnochetti sardi.  Classic tomato sauce with an egg dough. Tagliatelle or spaghettini. 

Keeping it simple and classic - the perfect meal to cook for your family!

Tutor: Kade Cohen

Kade’s passion for food and travel led him to quit his day job and walk straight into Quay and asked to have an evening of work experience. He completed an apprenticeship in cookery, won several awards, and has worked at some amazing restaurants and cafes in Sydney including hatted Kepos & Co, Sydney’s #1 restaurant on TripAdviser Farmhouse Kings Cross, and at pickling and fermenting divas Cornersmith. He then went to work in the kitchen at Chez Panisse in San Francisco, coming face to face with Alice Waters, a pioneer of the Slow Food Movement He later returned to Sydney inspired by French technique and Mediterranean flavours and for the next year worked at 2 hatted Freds in Paddington. The restaurants’ philosophy, style and head chef all came from Chez Panisse. Travelling Foodman is the next frontier for Kade. His own business, it is something he can truly call his own - “An opportunity to cook what I want to cook, how I want to cook it, when and where. It is an expression of my accumulation of experiences. Travelling Foodman is about bringing joy to people through delicious, nutritious and sustainable food. Careful thought, wonderful ingredients, excitement and balance. It’s a chance to showcase seasonal ingredients, utilising local produce from local suppliers and farmers market stall holders. It’s a chance to be adventurous, putting some spice and passion into every mouthful.” Come and meet Kade at his Travelling Foodman stall at our Northside Produce Markets every 1st & 3rd Saturday of the month.