Kids Gut Health

Kids’ anxiety, mood, concentration and muddled thinking can stem from the food they eat and their digestion and absorption for brain fuel. Their stomach bacteria have a role in brain function. Getting the food and digestion right and balancing gut microbiome can all help your child to function better everyday. Jen Galland will discuss the connection between what children are eating, absorbing and digesting and their stomach bacteria and brain/mental health. The talk will outline nutrition factors that may contribute to anxiety, depression, concentration, and sleep issues with children from age 2 to 25.

Tutor: Jen Galland

Jen Galland runs Gutsy Kids Nutrition, a nutrition-practice specialising in nutritional solutions for kid’s health problems. Jen Galland is a mature practitioner who, after living 9 years in France, returned to Sydney and was astonished by the poor eating in most Australian children and their high levels of anxiety. Struck by the difference in both eating and mental health compared to the children in France, she became determined to improve this. Jen studied for 3 years earning a Bachelor of Health Science in Nutritional and Dietetic Medicine. Her skill is in being able to identify the nutritional deficiencies and excesses in children’s diets and the state of their gut and gut microbiome which may be contributing to the way they are feeling, learning, and living. Her passion is making, what is often simple changes in nutrition, thereby helping children and their families suffering from anxiety, depression, controlled eating, poor sleep and concentration issues and aiding them into flourishing and feeling healthy and vibrant.