A conversation on Death and Dying with Zenith Virago & Jenny Briscoe-Hough

From caring for someone dying at home, into death, after death body care, the in-between, funeral preparations and the importance and value of ceremony. Zenith and Jenny will share their vast experience and understanding of death, dying and loss, along with their insights and knowledge of the industry and services available to do death well. 

This event covers the practical, realistic, emotional and sacred aspects of life and death. Join us for an afternoon of connection and empowerment to know what your options are, and to be able to make more informed choices. 

Read more about Jenny and Tender Funerals Jenny Briscoe-Houghwww.tenderfunerals.org

Read more about Zenith and the Natural Death Care Centre www.zenithvirago.com,  www.naturaldeathcarecentre.org

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Presenter: Zenith Virago

Zenith has spent over 25 years pioneering cultural change around death and dying, supporting individuals, their family and friends in their dying process. As a Deathwalker, she brings a contemporary holistic approach to her work. Offering guidance, practical, legal and spiritual care. She’s the founder of the Natural Death Care Centre, co-author of The Intimacy of Death & Dying and the subject of Zen & the Art of Dying. She is Byron Bay’s 2021 Citizen of the Year.


Presenter: Jenny Briscoe-Hough

Jenny is the driving force behind NFP Tender Funerals, she brings decades of service in the community development field to her multi-faceted role as Director, General Manager and family liason contact. She has had extensive training and experience in all aspects of death advocacy, body care, ceremonial and funeral advice. She is a Member of Natural Death Care and Coordinator of Port Kembla Community Centre.