Explorers Playgroup: Cultural Education Activity

“Our Australian Story” Presented by Ladybug Academy

This presentation by Ladybug Academy, tells a story about Australian Indigenous culture, by taking children on a journey following a ‘day in the life’ of an Indigenous Australian girl.

The children have the chance to take part in daily cultural activities that have been handed down through generations of Indigenous families, from building a firepit, creating artwork with clay, hunting and gathering food for lunch, dancing and making music at a Corroboree, and listening to a dreamtime story. 

We discuss how Indigenous Australians are the traditional owners of our land and we look at the many differences between our land and cities now and many hundreds of years ago.

Tutor: Ladybug Academy

Ladybug Academy is the innovative leader in delivering fun and engaging educational incursions for preschool and primary aged children promoting health, wellbeing, diversity and sustainability. Our mission at Ladybug Academy is to create memorable learning experiences that enrich each child’s understanding of themselves, others and the world around them. Our cultural programmes inspire children to look beyond their own world and develop an understanding of the diverse countries and people across our planet. Aligned with current curriculum outcomes for the Early Years Learning Framework our programmes help develop a deep appreciation of cultural diversity to create a more positive and peaceful global community. All of our presenters are fully trained, passionate Travel Bugs, fully insured with current Working with Children checks.