House of Welcome - Vouchers

Support House of Welcome

For years the Community Centre has been a big supporter of The House of Welcome, which provides housing, financial help and food bank for refugees and asylum seekers who are often ineligible for government assistance.

HoW is located in South Granville, and most of its clients live in Sydney's “areas of concern” for the increase in Covid-19 cases. Many have lost their jobs during the lockdown. The food bank run by the House of Welcome has had to close, but they are posting and emailing food vouchers (gift cards) from Aldi, Woolworths and Coles to support these families.

"We would be grateful for donations of e-gift cards/vouchers from any major supermarket, in lieu of food donations. Purchase them online and then email them to:

If you need a receipt, please provide us with your email address. You can purchase vouchers here:




Or you can make a cash donation at

Thank you for helping us support our clients during this challenging time."

Perhaps broadcast this online to your friends and family… this is a way to provide real help.