Finding Your Own Voice - An International Women’s Day Event

Our vision in curating this signature event for International Women’s Day is to gather together in an informal and relaxed environment for a morning of inspiration, laughter and celebration. North Sydney Community Centre marks its 50th year in 2022, and there have been many dedicated, wonderful women who have driven the growth and development of the Centre. This event is an opportunity to both celebrate and acknowledge these incredible contributions, and to hear stories and musical performances from established artists. A delicious lunch and refreshments are included. A wonderful day of conversation, musical entertainment, laughter and inspiration!

Our artists and guest speakers are multi-talented and cover many art forms - writing, song, performance, design and publishing, as well as community building and social justice advocacy. We’ll learn about the vision, discipline, challenges and pleasures that come from exploring and expressing their inner selves.

Meet our panel

Presenter: Bridie Connell

Bridie Connell is a multi award-winning writer and performer. In addition to her impressive list of TV credits, she has extensive experience in many other facets of the industry including musical theatre, improv, voiceover and presenting.

Guest Speaker: Susan Kennett

Susan was the driving force behind North Sydney Community Centre for 23 years. The centre celebrates its 50th year in 2022. Finding her own voice began with opposition to the Vietnam war around 1969, and she hasn't lost her voice since, be it issues of politics, social justice or local community. Years teaching in youth and neighbourhood centres provided a fertile ground for her to advocate for those things she cared passionately about. The wonderful and dedicated women of North Sydney Centre were always open to new ideas and challenges and worked hard to bring dreams to fruition.

Guest Speaker: Carol Dettmann

Carol Dettmann was awarded an Order of Australia Medal for her services to the community and publishing. She is a strong advocate for refugees, and has been critical in driving the support for the House of Welcome, an NGO which supports the settlement and empowerment of its clients so that they can join the local community with a sense of pride and dignity. Carol was chief editor and publisher at Chapter & Verse, collaborating with graphic designer John Witzig to publish over 15 books of fine art photography and art. Together they independently produced over 50 additional titles.

Guest Speaker: Victoria Alexander

Well known as the founder of popular Balmoral restaurant cafe Bather's Pavilion, Victoria spent her early working life as a Fashion Editor for Vogue and Cosmopolitan, and it felt like a natural step to then become a freelance stylist and art director. Victoria consults to people wanting to make a home, somewhere comfortable that fits with who they are. Author of five books, and photographer for the last four: The Bathers Pavilion Cookbook, One, Colour, Real and Home (to be released in April 2022), Victoria shares her inspiring journey of finding her own voice.

Presenter: String Trio

Violinist Alexandra Osborne, Violist Heather Lloyd and Cellist Bethan Lillicrap are three of Australia's most accomplished classical musicians and artistic collaborators. Individually they enjoy versatile careers as solo artists, orchestral and chamber musicians. These fiercely talented women join forces for the first time as a String Trio, to perform works written by award-winning Australian composer and pianist, Nat Bartsch. These works were specially arranged for this International Womens Day event.