Music And Movement - 4 - 5yrs

Bridges to music is North Sydney’s first music and movement class for preschool/kindergarten age children.

We have 3 different classes for 3 different age groups that will cater specifically to their needs, with a pathway that develops their skills and begins to prepare them for big school and also introduces them to music.

PLEASE NOTE: Parents must first register their interest with Bridges to Music and discuss the enrolment. See website for details. Please do not book into this class until your place is confirmed via Bridges to Music. 

Classes for 4 to 5 year old’s

Once again, this 45-minute class is perfect for beginners and children who began in one of the earlier classes. The children will usually work independently of parents for the duration of the class. Allowing parents to leave the class but must inform a teacher if they are leaving the premises and be sure to have their mobile phone with them (for the child’s safety).

The children learn and play with instruments at the beginning and end of the class. Once again children will express themselves with tuned percussion during the lesson.

The structure of the lesson involves a combination of singing, action songs, body percussions, rhythmic and improvised movement with and without instrumental accompaniment and dramatisation of songs. Improvisation and creative thinking is an important component to this class as is the continuity of unconscious learning. This is so that the children are not inhibited by set musical ideas – allowing them to become musical thinkers before they become instrumental players.

This is an ideal time for the child to have an opportunity to discover the joys of improvisation and self-expression.

The activities are more complex, focusing on developing their singing voices, sense of beat and understanding of rhythmic patterns, and movement for form and expression.

Tutor: Simona Green

Simona brings to the program an innate understanding of the teaching philosophies which Bridges to Music refers to. She joined the program in 2012 and worked and trained with Jane before undertaking solo pre-school classes. Since 2013 Simona has been teaching the Early Childhood program at the Sydney Conservatorium. Simona grew up in Italy, studying languages, flute and Baroque recorders and has a Bachelor of Music Theory from the Conservatorium Giuseppe Verdi in Turin. She has regularly attended Dalcroze Summer Schools and Workshops and understands the importance of movement as an integral component in early childhood music education. In 2019 Simona has completed Songwriting Level 1 and 2 course at the Conservatorium Open Academy. Simona is a passionate and dedicated musician and for the past 10 years has been studying the piano focusing on classical music and improvisation.