My Apple Devices

Harness the full power of your iPad, iPhone or iPod. Discover functions you may not be familiar with and some fun tricks and tips that aren’t so obvious. Across two weeks, this class focuses on: Functions and Settings; Buying, using and managing Apps; Using your phone to connect to the world and trouble shooting common everyday problems.

We'll be looking into the iOS operating system in some more detail, introducing some functions you may not be familiar with as well as some fun tricks and tips that aren't so obvious. - Using the Home Button - Notifications - Widgets - Spotlight searching - Accessing and using the Control Centre - Settings menu - Privacy, usage, data usage

There are a huge amount of apps out there - we look at: - How to purchase/download apps, - Apps that increase functionality of your phone - Apps for play - health, music, games, etc

Having some challenges with your device? We also troubleshoot some of the common problems you may encounter.

BYO device (it will be an advantage for your device to be running iOS8 or 9).


Kenny Douglas

Before coming to Australia, Kenny was a Youth and Community leader in Scotland for almost 20 years. Working creatively with both young and not so young people, he was involved with many projects utilising the versatility of the Mac and associated applications. He has attended the Apple Teachers Institute, qualified from TAFE in Interactive Media and probably spends too much time on social networking!