Cryptic Crosswords

Learn how to unravel the mysteries of cryptic crosswords. If you think it’s all too hard, think again - it’s not! There are basic tricks of the trade you can use to unlock the secrets of these clever puzzles. We’ll uncover clues hidden in anagrams, hidden words, containers, double meanings, homophones, acronyms, word play, spoonerisms and more! Armed with these new skills, you’ll look at cryptic crosswords in a whole new light.

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Ralph Penglis

After running his own hair salon on campus at the University of Sydney for 24 years, Ralph is now retired and has time for his passion - to teach cryptic crossword puzzles. My passion for words and word play started about 50 years ago when I was peering over the shoulder of one of my clients doing  a cryptic crossword asked her about it. I was fascinated especially when she went to the trouble of explaining some of the clues and the different ways of finding out the answers. Since then I’ve been a fan all these years. I only occurred to me a few years ago that as I have teaching skills ( as a yoga teacher) I could show people how to do these fascinating puzzles. I have had great success in this field. Other passions include listening to classical music, going to classical music concerts as well as the theatre. Ralph also gives talks and runs workshops on health and happiness at Hopewood Health Retreat at Wallacia.