How to Launch Your Brand

Find social media and branding for your business overwhelming? Do you wonder every day “what can I post this time on facebook.”  Want to start your dream business but don’t know how to create a facebook ad, post on instagram, or know even if your audience looks there? Not sure if you need a youtube channel, or even how to have influencers all over the world try your product?  You need to clarify your business message, create a signature style, gather reusable content, and learn some new branding tips and tricks. This class is experimental and interactive and offers creative solutions to your advertising, brand and social media challenges. Taking you through seven simple steps turn business branding onto a fun creative project.  All you need is a pen, paper and an open mind. We will brainstorm, sketch, throw ideas around and bring clarity to your business branding. 

Tutor: Kate Branch

Kate brand is a professional photographer. She has been creating images for over 15 years. Kate has found most of her current clients are asking for photographic content for their businesses, but are unsure how to use it- or are unaware of the amazing potential it holds. Kate is a university trained photographer who also has a Masters. Kate loves hearing about others businesses and listens attentively while creative solutions explode in her head for them.  Photographer and Author of "How to look good in photos", "I create stories with light and shutter speed" Sydney- Bangkok