Mending has Meaning

Mending Has Meaning. Part practical, part purposeful, wholly peaceful. Join The Possibility Project in a morning of fashion activism. Raise your awareness on the changing landscape of the fashion industry, the power YOU have to make a positive difference and engage in the art of visible mending. You will leave a happier person!

No experience necessary. The first part of the workshop is designed to enhance your awareness of the fashion industry, and open conversations on ways individuals and small groups are creatively changing the fashion landscape for good. The second part is a hands on mending activity, participants are invited to bring a garment that needs patching, the aim is to experience the positive effects that mindful mending can have on your wellbeing and the wellbeing of planet.

Tutor: The Possibility Project

The Possibility Project is a social enterprise founded by Kim Pearce and Kath Davis, the purpose of their project is to help nurture social and environmental change within the fashion industry. The Possibility Project have created a slow clothing label called slumwear108, their ‘Mending Has Meaning’ engagement is both practical and purposeful for others wanting to be part of this fashion revolution. Kim Pearce is a former economics teacher and Kath Davis was a fashion stylist and milliner, they met on the school run and decided that they wanted to ‘do something’ of purpose, their engagements are interwoven with stories that help participants not only feel good about the world around them, but empowered to answer their call to action in the simplest of ways.