Introduction to Suburban Beekeeping

Interest in the humble honeybee has had a resurgence over the last decade. Many people are becoming more conscious about protecting bees and even showing interest in obtaining hives and starting their own beekeeping journey. Partake in a small honey extraction. The full honey frames come from Rachel’s beehives in Killara and discover the satisfaction of owning your own bees and the end processes of beekeeping. These include decapping the honey frames, spinning and extracting, sieving and jarring the honey. Leave the class feeling confident to start your own suburban honeybee hive and what is really involved. Know what tools you need, how to go about obtaining your bees, where you should locate your bees, what diseases and pitfalls to look out for and how to deal with insect pests in the hive.

Tutor: Rachel Potter

Rachel is a trained chef and teaches waste-free kitchen skills at Cornersmith Picklery and cooking classes at numerous locations in Sydney. She is passionate about keeping food free from artificial preservatives and additives and living as waste-free as possible using permaculture principles. Rachel has been involved in the media as a chef and a produce gardener. Rachel is also a beekeeper, harvests her own honey and grows fruit, vegetables and nuts on her property in suburban Killara for herself, her young family and friends. She is enthusiastic about sharing her self-sufficiency skills and creating community.