Concrete Planters

Discover all the steps to creating your own concrete planters. Learn to mix concrete from scratch, learn about moulds and decorate and design artwork onto a pre-made planter with all materials provided. Experiment to create a marble look for your concrete and some tips and tricks to create different effects.

Take home three planters in total. Two planters in moulds that you have made in the class and one pre made planter potted and painted by you in class!

Learning the basics of concrete making opens up a new world of possibilities to create jewellery, furniture and other homewares. 

Materials List

Please wear suitable footwear ie. no open shoes.

Tutor: Hilary Woodfine

Hilary is very passionate about bringing greenery to the indoors and her organisation,Tiny Paradise is working hard to make that happen. More and more research is coming out stating the benefits of having plants to detoxify the air caused by things like the Sick Building Syndrome. Buildings all over the world are being transformed into inside jungles like the most amazing Double Bay Library.  According to this TED talk, Devil’s Ivy (one of our favs) turns so much C02 into 02 that you could actually live in a sealed bottle if it was filled with enough of it. I am advocating having more plants in your living and working space so you can breath better air. Tiny Paradise has been teaching kokedamas at the Botanic Gardens and terrariums at the Uniting Care Birthday party. We were lucky enough to also be a part of the Qantas World Environment Day where we were amongst other emerging brands like Tesla and they gave away a free tree with every purchase (well they donated money to One Billion Trees Organisation who plant them for them)