Vision Boards

Make 2019 your year to shine. Visualise the year and the life you want by developing a personal vision board that works. In this morning of reflection, inspiration and creation, I’ll help you define your vision, breathe life into your dreams and create a unique and beautiful vision board that will help you achieve them. You’ll learn how to invite manifestation into your life and you’ll feel the shift straight away.

In the workshop you’ll: * Do some practical exercises to help you clarify and prioritise your key areas of focus * Learn how to implement a growth mindset, to trigger manifestation * Be given all the tools and time to create your own powerful vision board (not just with pictures, but a range of materials from my own collection to add depth and texture) * Learn how to create a board on Pinterest * See examples of finished boards and hear the stories behind them * Have a few “ah ha” moments and lots of laughs along the way * Learn practical life planning tools that you can use forever.

Vision boards are one of the most simple yet powerful tools to help you create the life you desire. The life you know you deserve. I look forward to seeing you there.

Please bring a glue stick and scissors.

Tutor: Adrianne Nixon

My background is in advertising and marketing. And I grew up with a family full of the same. That means I’ve lived and breathed creativity from day one. I believe everyone has a story and everyone is creative. And I mean everyone. We live our creativity every day in the way we dress, the things we do and the people we meet. I also believe that you are always learning and if you stop learning you stop living. We should never stop believing in ourselves and our dreams, because anything is possible … but you have to show up to make it happen. I look forward to leading a workshop to help others bring their visions and their dreams to life.