The Story of Scent

From synthetic vs natural, fashions and fads, memories, perfumes to what smells are under your kitchen sink. This tremendously informative course consists of four weekly classes, explores the history of scent, starting with recipes in the Bible. A must for the fragrant curious!


o Explore the place of smell in the five senses o Initiate awareness of how participants respond to and analyse smells o Understand level of scent in contemporary life and its implications o Gain basic understanding of how olfactory system operates o Understand of anosmia and other smell disorders o Explore the purpose of sense of smell in evolutionary terms; Freud; o Describe miasma theories of disease propagation and possible impact on attitudes to unpleasant odours


o The history of scent in 15 perfumes o Social and cultural aspects


o The fragrance industry today; how perfumes are made; naturals and synthetics;


o The fragrance wheel and how to chose the perfect perfume for you

Presenter: Catherine du Peloux Menage

Catherine du Peloux Menagé has worked in educational publishing for many years. She was co-founder of the St Albans Writers’ Festival in 2015 and was its Artistic Director from 2015-2018. She has facilitated sessions at that Festival as well as at the Sydney Writers’ Festival, the Rose Scott Writers’ Festival (RSWWF) at the Women’s Club and at libraries around Sydney. She is Secretary of the Dickens Society of NSW and was involved in programming and organising the 2018 Dickens Fellowship Conference in Sydney. She is a member of the RSWWF Committee, the BAD Sydney Crime Writers’ Festival Committee and of the NIB Literary Awards Committee.