The Independent Traveller

Have you ever wanted to travel and not had the confidence? Kaye, a seasoned traveller of 30 years shares how you can enjoy your Australian or overseas holiday as an independent traveller. Be provided with helpful tips on how to survive travelling on your own and making the most of your trip. Whether you have booked an organised tour or would like to do some more travelling, Kaye covers the important issues –

- When to go - How to get there - Where to stay - Eating out - Attending cultural events and getting to know the locals and their hidden secrets. 

Kaye also offers essential tips on health, safety, money and technology as a solo traveller.

Tutor: Kaye Higgins

Kaye is passionate about food, architecture and discovering new cultures. She has travelled for the past 30 years to all continents. Kaye has been to Antarctica, Russia, Scandinavia, South America, UK, Europe, Africa, Asia and Northern America. She has photographed the world’s famous waterfalls, - Iguassu, Victoria Falls and Niagara Falls. Kaye even organised and attended the four Grand Slam Tennis tournaments in one year! She has been a Tour Manager and enjoys helping other people.