The Growing Trend: Urban Farming

Come join us as we redesign the future of growing. We invite you to collaborate, innovate and celebrate the world of urban farming. Learn the art of growing fresh micro greens, building vertical gardens and planting productive fruit trees, all in the one workshop. This hands on class run by The Growing Trend and Dr Chris Love will ensure you leave with all the right knowledge to grow produce at home in the office or even in space. Leave with seeds, a tray and the know how to grow your own micro greens.

Tutor: The Growing Trend

Imagine a world with more trees, fruit and flowers. It’s a fine balance gardening in the urban environment with all the pressures of a modern world. A challenge which brings purpose and meaning to life. Nick and Chris from the Growing Trend, have a connection with nature and are open to its guidance. They have found a deep love for the natural world and Organic Gardening and a joy derived from growing and sharing food with others. Starting The Growing Trend has been the focus Nick Farrar needed to help and share to the world. Studying Horticulture and Permaculture has given him the creative freedom needed to shape his life, sustainably now and into the future. Being able to teach children as well as adults in a culture so linked to its survival has allowed him to further his curiosity and he is continually learning as a result. Planet Earth is never at rest and as a community we must work together so that we all get the most out of life. Equally. After all its way more fun together.