Making ‘How To’ videos for your business - Create Content

A hands-on and practical course where we help you create videos for your business or community. Discover how “How To” videos work well to increase your reach online and how to create compelling and valuable content that audiences will want to watch. Get practical skills on how to use smart phones to create your videos including tips and tricks for shooting, lighting and audio. Discover what editing resources are available. Plus become confident at putting yourself on camera as the face of your business.

COURSE OUTLINE Introduction to Video The myths, realities and power of video marketing. Examples of videos that work well. Planning your Video Ideation and what you can do, identifying your ideal audience and the types of how to videos you can make. Planning and scripting your video and preparing to shoot. Ready to record How to confidently shoot, light and record to make your video more professional. Presenting and filming yourself. Tips on what editing software to use.

Tutor: Amy Bingham

Amy is a video maker and principal of Itchy Feet Digital, an agency specialising in video creation and digital smarts.  She has helped hundreds of clients from big brand names to small startups you’ve not (yet) heard of, to create successful video strategies and campaigns to achieve their business goals.  Amy’s extensive background in television and video means she brings a wealth of experience in storytelling and publishing, but practical and technical skills and insights into video making with smartphones.