Making ‘How To’ videos for your business - Editing

You've come up with a plan and shot your video, now you need to pull it together.  Using Imovie (phone, ipad or macbook) we'll show you the techniques to crafting your story in the edit.  From drafting a paper script, importing your footage and using music, text and voice to pull it together, this session will give you the tips and tricks to finalising the video making process

Tutor: Amy Bingham

Amy is a video maker and principal of Itchy Feet Digital, an agency specialising in video creation and digital smarts.  She has helped hundreds of clients from big brand names to small startups you’ve not (yet) heard of, to create successful video strategies and campaigns to achieve their business goals.  Amy’s extensive background in television and video means she brings a wealth of experience in storytelling and publishing, but practical and technical skills and insights into video making with smartphones.