Japan Travel

Japan is a fascinating, wealthy, technologically advanced country, but culturally so different from Western countries – making a first visit to Japan enjoyable yet tense. This class moves outside guidebook travel tips to provide the unpublished tips to help Australians enjoy Japan stress free.

Jeff and Jen cover the everyday details of travelling in Japan’s major cities (especially Tokyo) - such as managing at airports, buying train tickets and navigating the train systems, finding wi-fi, using Japanese toilets, using ATMs, cash and credit cards, appreciating Japanese etiquette, using your mobile phone - and many more small details about how to travel confidently and enjoyably in this unique country.

Mike and Tracey provide information for those interested in expanding their itinerary. Beyond Tokyo there are many different experiences even in well-known tourist cities such as Kyoto, Osaka and Hiroshima. Japan’s regional areas are full of surprises – walking with deer or monkeys, art museums, Japanese gardens, quaint old towns and of course great regional food! Gain tips on creating your own itinerary, planning transport, luggage handling, accommodation options, driving in rural Japan, where to eat and how to get along with limited or no Japanese language skills.

Gain the confidence to discover the intriguing, bizarre and sophisticated aspects of Japan.

Tutor: Jeff Burgess and Jen Holt

Jen and Jeff are a ‘mature-age’ couple who have travelled to Japan many times since 2007 (sometimes twice a year) for holidays and language-learning with a focus on spending most of their time exploring and enjoying Japan’s largest city, Tokyo. They both have a basic level of fluency in the spoken and written Japanese language and have made friends with Japanese people in Tokyo (and Sydney). They enjoy the typical tourist sites which all the guidebooks recommend, but have also found Japan endlessly interesting on the small scale as they join in the everyday life of the Japanese.

Tutor: Mike & Tracey Kent

Mike and Tracey first travelled to Japan in 2007 and started studying Japanese shortly after this. They have always created their own itineraries and booked all aspects of each trip themselves. They have travelled extensively throughout Japan, averaging about 3 weeks per trip, with November 2017 being their sixth. Each trip is designed to incorporate new destinations and experience. Tracey is a regular contributor to both TripAdvisor (having over 53,000 views) and japanguide.com Both are passionate about Japan and Japanese travel and love to share their experiences to make other’s trips more interesting and enjoyable.