Balancing Your Retirement and Your Kids

Can you have comfortable retirement that you’ve worked hard for, but also help out your kids financially? Come join financial advisers specialising in retirement and wealth transfer as they cut through the complexity and share their eight top tips for finding the balance that’s right for you. 

We often ask parents making the transition to retirement about what’s important to them and what they’re hoping to achieve. More often than not, they tell us they want to have the comfortable retirement that they’ve worked hard for and they also want to help their kids. 

Come join Andrew Griffin and Kirsten Lynn of Stanford Brown as they share their seven top tips for finding the balance that’s right for you. 

Topics to be discussed:

·Put your own retirement first

·Have a structured plan to build your retirement capital

·Invest and protect your capital for the long term

·Put a good estate plan in place

·Talk to your kids about your wishes

·Know that it’s not all financial

·Consider how you might help if you can. 

Materials List

Just bring a pen.

Tutor: Kirsten Lynn

Private Wealth Adviser – Stanford Brown Kirsten works with a wide range of clients who are building their retirement asset base or making the most of the asset base they have already built.  She helps clients to plan to protect and pass on their wealth, while preserving the relationships they hold dear. Kirsten takes the time to really understand what is important to her clients, both financially and personally, and to ensure they have the information, support and guidance they need to feel comfortable with their strategies.  Privately owned, with its own licence and some 50 staff, Stanford Brown has served high net worth families in Sydney and Melbourne for over three decades. Qualifications - Bachelor of Laws (UNSW) - Bachelor of Arts (Honours) (UNSW) - Master of Public Policy (ANU) - Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning (Kaplan) - Specialist SMSF Accredited Adviser (SMSF) - ASX Accredited Listed Products Adviser (Kaplan) - Margin Lending (FEP) - Member of the Financial Planning Association of Australia (FPA)